Small Changes Make A Big Difference

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

Emkey Has Several Small Features But Those Features Will Create a Big Difference In Your Day to Day Life.

No More Selfie Sticks

In the era of selfies, get rid of the selfie stick! Now you can say no to purchasing flimsy selfie sticks. Position your phone whichever way you want to take a photo, press a push button on the device and take a happy and beautiful selfie. The Emkey has got your back!

Find your Keys and Phone

Emkey can function as a Safety Keyring. Emkey has Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone device and it uses it to offer some amazing features! If you drop your keys and walk away, your phone and the device both beep to alert you and if you lose your phone, press a button on the Emkey device to ring your phone.  The device will alert you when your phone is left behind. Your helpful partner is always with you.

Power bank and Data Storage Device

Keep your power bank with you at all times, along with an 8Gb drive – all built in! Those moments when you need to call an Uber or you need to place an important phonecall to someone for work or an emergency won’t find you unprepared! Emkey is your helpful partner.

Smart Tracker

You can find your Emkey Device with one touch on our official security app. Your app will alert you whenever it is disconnected from the Emkey device. The app will record the location where the connection was last active.

Emergency Notification Setting and Chat option

The official security app has an emergency notification setting. You can receive notifications from the emergency department about any major news like harsh weather conditions or areas where a dangerous event has taken place. You can also use our chat option to quickly contact your friends and family from the Team Emkeys group.


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