Why is Emkey the best?

Usai Technology’s aim is to create devices and apps that our users will love! We are a team of passionate and knowledgeable developers and marketers. Starting up with the Emkey device, our goal is to create more innovative devices that can cover a large array of features. Our device, Emkey, will definitely attract customers.  Emkey will go a long way at establishing a successful mark in the tech industry.

This App will be ready for a full rollout in February-March 2019. We are looking at a beginning from $1mill + for a % of the organization. The money will be utilized for:

  • Legitimate trademark/patency
  • Web/app development and improvement
  • Marketing
  • Hiring Staff Members

Emkey is a very useful device that will be reasonably priced. People are used to buying selfie sticks, power banks, charging cables, tracking beacons, USB devices separately at very high prices but Emkey has all of these features and more built in with a very reasonable price tag. Included are more features such as lost item finding within the Bluetooth network’s range and the ability to contact the emergency services or your loved ones without touching your phone.

Choose Emkey for safety, to deal with an emergency situation

Emkey is the best device in its category as no other device has all of these features in it. If a device has a smart alert system then it usually lacks a safety tracker, etc. Instead of having a few features, the Emkey aims to be a bang for the buck! This device has a special place because of its emergency tracker. Now the safety of the community can be an easy feat with it. This device is a rapid and profitable plan for our company. Usai Technology’s vision is to use the investments we get in order to create better products.

Emkey Device, along with personal safety uses, for business and commercial use also

Along with personal safety uses, this device can be used for business and commercial uses as well. At business places, universities, shopping malls, and other organizations the owner is responsible for their employee’s safety. At these places many Emkey devices can be used for the employees’ safety. Because of all of the paired devices, nothing will be lost and if any emergency situation occurs, they can find each other’s location easily. Our sales team can help you in the pricing of a bulk order of this Emkey device.

Emkeys Competition are only bits and pieces, Emkey is an all in one for any use:

Schools, Universities, Aged Care, Construction, Hospitals, Banks, shops plus more. Think about the bigger Picture, your loved ones, your colleges, your friends, OUR FUTURE GENERATION, we are here to make a difference in SAFETY for them and their environment. Contact NOW to find out more.