EMKEY, Safety and Convenience Device, Best for Emergency Situations Our safety and convenience device, Emkey, is specifically designed for the Safety and Protection of our community and to locate the things that matter to you the most..


  • A lot of Features in 1 device
  • Emergency Situation Helper
  • Contact with Loved ones or Emergency services ( Ambulance/Police/Fire Brigade)
  • Show your location with a heat map to emergency contacts
  • 8GB USB/ Data Storage
  • 2 Hours/ 500mah Emergency Charging Power Bank
  • Rechargeable Battery and Micro USB Port
  • Push Button to take Selfie
  • Multiple Alert System
  • Long Range Bluetooth capacity to find lost Keys, Wallet, Bag
  • Tracker to find left behind mobile or whatever the device is attached too
  • Communication with other devices
  • Android and iOS Compatibility


EMkey Device

EMkey Emergency

EMkey Emergency Service

Emkey Emergency App:


So when a request comes through from an Emkey App or Device, it triggers the emergency services and the request receives a notification, like Uber. If it is in high demand, it will have either a heat map or more notifications such as a counter that shows the person’s level of distress. Emergency Services will have your details and access to the customer’s emergency contacts and any relevant data they need to know about concerning the individual or whatever condition or environment they are currently in so they know how to treat the person. They can see them with the location perimeter radar or they can ring your phone or go through the app to see how far you are like in meters.


e.g below Credit to Brenna Bobblet

Device & Emkey Features

Push button. Use it to take photos – no more selfie sticks!

Has a Bluetooth beacon to prevent item loss. Should you step out of an Uber and drop your keys, the device will let you know when you get too far away from them. The same thing is true for your mobile device, in case you forget it.

Push button 2x and hold on a second to ring the phone.

Push 3x for the emergency alert. A signal will send to phone in order to inform the emergency contacts or the proper authorities to locate you or your device.

Press 4x and hold on the 4th if you own the subscription for the app. It will send an alert to your emergency contacts and emergency services with a heatmap of the devices location.

It can also be paired with other friends’ devices as well so that if they are around other Emkey Apps or devices it can help make the signal stronger.

Safety is the Emkey



Emkey App Features:

1) Emkey Button:

Activate the Emkey button by touch or voice.  Your Emkey contacts will get a sound alarm with your location and they will be able to both see and hear everything in real-time.

Everything is automatically recorded by audio and video and sent to you and to your Emkey contacts’ cell phones.

2) Holla Mic :

Simply activate the Emkey button by voice even if your cell phone is placed inside your pocket, bag or jacket.

You don’t need to press the Emkey button to activate this feature.

3) Stream Live :

When the Emkey is activated, your Emkey contacts will get your location, after which they will be able to see and hear everything that is happening in real-time via live streaming.

4) Secret Message :

When the Emkey is activated, audio and video are automatically recorded and the recorded file is sent to you and to your Emkey contacts’ mobile devices.

5) Team Emkey :

Set up your own personal security network of friends and family (Team Emkey / Emkey contacts). Invite as many as you want.

6) Geo-Tracking/Walk Together :

Invite Team Emkeys to walk with you via live GPS tracking. Now you never have to walk alone again! When Team Emkeys accept your invitation and join your journey, Emkey notifies you immediately.  This way, you always know who is watching over you.

7) Got My Back :

Get your phone to call you and get you out of an unpleasant or threatening situation.

8) Check-in :

Check-in and share your location with selected people. This is especially useful if you need to be picked up / found, as it sends your exact location to them.

9) Countdown :

Define how long you want your Emkey to follow your footprints, and if you have not checked in on time, the Emkey alarm will automatically trigger an alert to all of your Team Emkeys.