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Welcome to USAI Tech, (Pronounced as U-Sai). Located in Melbourne, Australia – we have been providing SaaS safety and monitoring solutions to individuals and businesses since 2020 to avoid fraud, identity theft and health threats. Our SaaS solutions include KYC registration, KYC sharing, Remote Monitoring, Booking, Queuing, Crowd Capacity Control, Staff Management, and Emergency Alerting. We also offer comfort and imaginative items like tech equipment for customers and businesses who like to have advanced graphic and audio experience.

Our Story

Business ideas come in the most unusual times and places. In the year 2020, when the whole world goes through the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a no-brainer, this infectious outbreak has forced a massive shift in the businesses that are operated day by day. Social distancing, employees and customer safety measures have become very essential. When USAI Tech founders came across the challenges this post-pandemic era like ID verification and monitoring of your employees.To keep your business afloat smoothly during these strange times they decided to develop their own identity verification and remote monitoring service.that covers all aspects and align well with the purpose of service as well as expectations of customers.

With enough experience and faith in machine learning and applications of Artificial intelligence helps founders to develop this SaaS solution. where you can make sure of your safety and monitoring of your employees on the go. Not only the smooth and robust support but the user-friendly interface developed to make it easy for the businesses to integrate this technology with their daily operations.

In a short period of time, USAI Tech expanded its KYC verification services and integrated more features. So that users can perform multiple tasks like queuing, booking, staff management and remote monitoring under one roof. USAI Tech product “Emkey” addressed industries and their use-cases in a considerate manner. USAI Tech innovative, as well as cost-effective solutions. Efficiently meet the traditional verification in the digital world outdoors without any coercion.

Our Vision

USAI Tech seeks to be the market leader in identity verification services. Most importantly remote monitoring, and aims to create digital and physical marketplaces free of fraudulent activities and devoid of identity theft.
We envision playing a pivotal role in creating cyberspace where every transaction and accessibility activity is verifiable. We intend to provide the best combination of artificial intelligence, advanced technology and human intelligence, in order to provide stronger and better identity verification services. So that this world can become a sound, safe and healthy community working and collaborating together.

Amazing for Users, Terrible for Fraudsters

We believe fraudsters have no place in today’s digital economy. To protect against fraud and financial crime, businesses and individuals need to know that their customers who they claim to be. USAI believes good customers shouldn’t be bothered with identity verification solutions that slow them down. So when the first induction did, that employee can get access and verification by only scanning QR code.

USAI Tech also helps businesses, especially the hospitality industry, to rapidly convert more customers. Also, stop fraudsters from infiltrating your ecosystem and get in compliance with KYC. With an approach as simple as scanning QR code. Also, “Emkey” transforms the necessary process of identity verification into an easier procedure that your customers will actually appreciate. We continue to improve our services so that businesses like yours can turn good people into good customers faster than ever before and rest assured your customers are who they claim to be. Plus, we use advanced data protection methodologies to protect your data against any theft or glitch. USAI Tech solutions are being used by companies in the financial services, construction industry, hospitality industry and many others.

Real-Time Identity Verification And Remote Monitoring

An innovative creative company introducing a digital solution to avoid fraud, stop unauthorized accessibility.

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