Innovating a Safety and Convenience Ecosystem

Helpful in Emergency Situation

Lost Item Find Network

Smart Alert

Emergency Power Bank and 8 GB USB storage

Connect with your mobile Camera

Compatible with Android and iOS

Helpful in Emergency Situations

By swiftly dealing with them, the Emkey way!


The Emkey offers a smart alert functionality!


The Emkey offers Bluetooth capabilities to track your items!


The Emkey is compatible with Android and iOS!

EMkey Safety App

In this Era, Safety should be a top priority. Your well-being is very important to your loved ones, so make your life easier by dealing with emergency situations whenever they arise, with the Emkey! In this busy day and age, you can ease yourself with Usai Technology’s helpful invention, the trustworthy Emkey!


Emkey's key functions

The Emkey device has a large arsenal of features. Connect your Emkey device with your safety app in Android/iOS and enjoy a safer life!

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Helpful in Emergency Situations

You don’t need to feel alone when you are going somewhere. Emkey is with you for your safety and in an emergency situation, it can inform your loved ones – for whom your life is important. You just need to make a group of your emergency contacts in the safety app and everyone can track you! In the case of an emergency situation, you just need to press 3x to send a signal to your emergency contacts in order to locate your phone or press 4x to send a signal with a heat map to find your location. You can also choose individual contacts, an ambulance,the police or any emergency service.

Smart Alert

The Emkey device features a smart alert system. When you are going somewhere and leave your phone behind, your phone and this device will both beep to alert you. If your mobile device is out of safety range, you can press 2x button and hold for one second to ring your phone. When your device is disconnected from the mobile app, the safety app alerts you and shows your device’s last location.

Lost Item Find Network

The Emkey has Bluetooth capabilities to aid against losing your items. Everyone has important things that they always seem to misplace. You can bind the Emkey to those items. Some examples are car keys, wallets, your bag or other items that matter to you. No need to panic if you forget your items anymore. If the item is within Bluetooth range, both the device and app will automatically alert you and if not in range, you can check the map for it’s last known location or you can pair with other friend’s devices in order to find them.

Emergency Charging Power Bank and 8 GB USB storage

This device can function as a 2 hour/500mAh emergency charging power bank for any emergency situation. Whenever you need your mobile to contact someone or need an Uber to go somewhere and your mobile battery is dead, you can benefit from this little power bank. This device can also work as an 8GB USB data storage drive. You can have all of your important files in the Emkey.


Behind the Emkey



Creative Founder

Having worked in a number of industries now, I have an excellent skill set in Creativity Entrepreneurial Skills either business related or idea management or more recently hardware startups, web and mobile application development. I enjoy working with others in a team environment and place a large focus on developing solid business relationships. I am technically minded and take pride in my work.


Pending GM:

Tech Adviser : Pas

Team Adviser: Helen

Pending Dev Adviser: Pending

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